Welcome to the Saracen Care Blog

My name is Justine Bennett and I am the Business and Quality Manager, I am delighted to be launching our blog in the Spring of 2016. I will be blogging about events, training, trips etc and giving you regular updates on how we are getting on here at Saracen Care.

This week started with an interview for our Service User – Adrian Sheen. Adrian was at the office nice and early to interview with our Office Manager, Sarah Rainey and our Service Planner, Chloe Blackmore. Adrian loves his job as the Saracen Care Interview lead for Service Users. Adrian will attend as many of the interviews we have as he can.

Adrian always comes up with creative questions and is able to give us feedback, often by email about the person we have interviewed.

Adrian asked the Candidate ‘How would you deal with someone with challenging behaviours?’. The interviewee answered ‘I am calm and patient and have training in this area, I would read the care plan’.

The candidates will often respond very well to having a service user in the interview, we recruit using Values Based Questions and we are pleased to let you know that this candidate was offered the job. Adrian fed back ‘I liked her, she seemed like a nice lady and I would be happy if she supported me’.