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Satisfaction Survey...
Our annual satisfaction survey provides us with feedback on how our service is performing and what actions we need to take to enhance it. Click here to see our latest survey report. Our Autumn 2012 survey included service users, professionals (social workers and commissioners) and our own staff.

Testimonials received:
"Saracen Care provide bespoke services; staff clearly demonstrate
exceptional values and are dedicated to meeting individual needs"
Clinical lead for learning disabilities.

"They offer a flexible service with positive outcomes for individuals"
Manager for continuing care.

"Inclusion and community participation is once again a focal point
of service delivery"
Senior Social Worker.

Responses from our survey:
"Staff make me feel comfortable and part of things" Service User comment.

"I am listened to" Service User comment.

"The management team support me both on a professional and personal level" Staff comment.

"Training and higher level courses are made available" Staff comment.
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